About Dori MacLean

Dori MacLean is a native of Prince Edward Island, Canada,
one of nine children born to parents from Enmore Road. She holds a teaching
certificate from Prince of Wales College and a Bachelor of Arts from Saint
Mary’s University in Halifax. She spent her career as an English teacher in her
home province.

Dori loves reading, and therefore loves writing. She loves
imagining characters and bringing them to life. She loves story telling and has
often acted as an oral story teller, especially of ghost stories, at the Green
Park Museum in Tyne Valley and the Bideford Parsonage Museum.

 Dori is the author three children’s books: Mystery at the Brook, Dream Ship, and The Adventures of Marvellous Mia and Charlie the Champion. The View from Enmore Road is her first full-length book intended for adult audiences. 

Dori lives with her husband, surrounded by children and grandchildren, in a farmhouse near Enmore Road, the site of her book.

New Release

The View from Enmore Road

The bygone days of Prince Edward Island are vividly evoked in this collection of short stories by life-long PEI resident Dori MacLean. Set near Tyne Valley on the north shore of Prince Edward Island, The View from Enmore Road introduces you to the Enman and Frost families in the early decades of the twentieth century. You will read of their lives full of joy despite hardship, of abundance despite lack, and of fun and laughter despite isolation. Above all you will read of the importance of community and family.

The author writes:

“For as long as I can remember, I have loved hearing stories of past times. Stories about what life was like during my parent’s childhood were always my favourites. I was fascinated by the varied personalities of the neighbours on the Enmore Road and of the struggles and joys of day-to-day life of my grandparents and great-grandparents.

“I want to ensure that these stories are not forgotten. So I have recorded them here for all the generations of the Enman and Frost families who may follow … and for anyone else who likes to immerse themselves in stories of a time long gone.”

Read The View from Enmore Road. Meet unforgettable characters and enjoy a nostalgic and life-affirming journey into times past.

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