Eavesdropping and Favourite Places

I don’t eavesdrop very well. I mostly mind my own business. Even if I did overhear a conversation or a comment that intrigued me I wouldn’t remember it long enough to write it down. I’ve never been good at remembering that sort of information. Consequently I’m a very safe person to tell secrets to because I just don’t remember them long enough to repeat them.

As for favourite places when I was a child I didn’t have any. Everything and every place were of great interest to me. Perhaps that’s why I have so many detailed early memories.. Although, I don’t remember much about my middle childhood and early teenage years. They were both difficult times for me. I’m not sure why. I think it may have been that I was always kept on a very short leash as a young person. I am the oldest of three and the shaming and blaming usually fell on me whether or not I had anything to do with the event in question. I retreated into books for whatever good it did. I got scorned for that too. “Margaret Anne always has her nose in a book,” said mother quite frequently. I don’t think she held education in very high regard. To her it was an unnecessary waste of money. MY father wanted all of his children to go to college.

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