Early Spring

It’s spring folks. My front garden is up about an inch above last fall’s debris. The lilies like to get an early start, and the bed is on the warmer side of the house. We get sun all morning and into the afternoon on that side. I haven’t checked the side garden yet. It’s usually pretty early too. The rhubarb along the garage wall is still buried under a snowbank but that will be gone in a few weeks. We had our St. Patrick’s Day storm last week. It dropped a covering of white but that’s already mostly gone—just patches here and there are left.

I see the little birds are starting to flock and I saw several skeins of geese flying high and strong against the clouds. It will soon be time to put out the bird feeders so the Mamma birds can feed and grow strong babies. I saw an early fledgling—a starling—hopping along in the sunshine by the Murphy Centre yesterday. It was all speckled and fluffy. I haven’t seen a robin yet, but soon they’ll be here. I don’t know if the frost is out of the ground enough yet for them to have a food source. But soon—soon–soon.

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