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Prince Edward Island's Scottish Heritage

We preserve and communicate pride in PEI’s Scottish heritage, both in fiction and in newly edited reference books.

Selkirk Stories is the perfect partner for authors looking to honour their PEI’s Scottish roots while sharing their stories with the world. Our team provides comprehensive publishing services, from editing to marketing, to help you achieve your goals. Join us and become a part of the vibrant Scottish community of Prince Edward Island today!


Margaret Westlie

Reading and Rereading

This morning I finished reading the Bhagavad Gita. It’s something I will reread in a while. It’s filled with much food for thought. Actually, I’m

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Margaret Westlie

The Hill Family

We have four spruce trees in a cluster on the rise at the edge of our property. They were tiny when we moved in here

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Margaret Westlie

A Trip to Point Prim

We went on a business day trip yesterday, out to Point Prim to deliver books. It was a beautiful sunny day – nice and warm.

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Margaret Westlie

Learning to Write

Who would have thought? Certainly not me. My career as a nurse lasted 25 years and I gave it up willingly when my husband said

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Margaret Westlie

Cloud Shadows

One Sunday afternoon we were in the backyard on Connaught Avenue. We were all lying on the blanket watching for clouds in a cloudless sky.

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Historical Fiction Set in Prince Edward Island

Newly Edited Works of Scottish Genealogy

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Reader's Reviews

“Read this book if you love being whisked into the past, if you like a bit of romance and want a character you can really cheer for! The story follows a young woman in the 1800’s who is a descendent of the early Scottish settlers. Her dominating mother marries her off to a man she has never met, and she faces many challenges in her new relationship and in making a home. I loved the story. It was fun to read and obviously well researched. A wonderful bit of escapism and very well written. I’m going to look for other books by the author.”

“The husband's family is from PEI, and he's descended (as are so many others) from Murdoch "Tailor" MacLeod. This is a valuable resource, pulling together lots of fact (and some family legends I'd never heard!) in an easily-consultable manner. If you're researching your Scots ancestry and your people came thru the Island, you need this book.”

“Make yourself a pot of tea, settle into your favourite cozy chair and lose yourself once again in one of Westlie’s delightful mysteries. Westlie is lovely to read, unlike so many shoot ‘em up, murder mysteries. The Prince Edward Island setting is soothing and relaxing. The characters are believable, with a bit of sass to them that really brings them to life. If you're looking for a  book to bring on vacation, Ghost Baby is a wonderful choice.”

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Do you have an Island story to tell or a work of genealogy and Island history to publish? Contact us!

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