The Hill Family

We have four spruce trees in a cluster on the rise at the edge of our property. They were tiny when we moved in here about eleven years ago, not more than a foot high. One day I noticed that one had a split top with two twigs vying for the lead top. Who could grow the tallest, quickest? I watched them all summer. Eventually one succeeded with the other not far behind. The trees took on personalities so, of course, I had to name them. Sam Hill for Sam on the hill is the one with the messy top. He’s having a bad hair day I decided. Now there is a Momma Hill, a Poppa Hill and a sister named Delilah. They are all tall and shapely. Sam still has his messy hair and Delilah is quite tidy in her appearance. She is not as tall as her brother. He’s almost as tall as his Poppa while Delilah takes after her mother. I am grateful that they survived Fiona. It would have been sad to lose any of them.

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