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Milking cows by hand, manning bucket brigades to extinguish barn fires, placing candles in farmhouse windows, chopping wood for cooking and heat, and neighbors walking from town to church to outlying farms provides the ambience of Prince Edward Island of the time. Residents in the close-knit Scottish settlement cared for each other and pitched in when neighbors needed help. But not all was idyllic when Anna is found in a field murdered. Now, the townspeople pool their common sense and diligent detective work to determine the guilty party. Questions are asked and relationships explored right up until the surprise ending.
Suzanne Young
Anna's Secret is a fast read, but the plot is not obvious. I don’t like red herring books and while there are clues as to who murdered Anna you still needed to reach the end to put everything together. It showed research into that time and local but was not a “heavy” read. I can see other readers wanting to read other books in this series.
Curtis Stokes
Although intended for Young Adult readers, I was hooked on Mattie's Story from the first few pages. It's a year in the life of fifteen-year-old Mattie Cameron, just newly graduated from a one-room school on Prince Edward Island (PEI), who marries a man eight years her senior. Set on PEI in the 1830s, Mattie and her husband David are descendants of the Selkirk Settlers who arrived on the Island from Scotland in 1803. The novel provides a rich backdrop of Island life in the remote rural communities of the time, when visiting a neighbour might have meant a five mile walk to his or her house, and another five mile walk back home again.

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